How can I avoid staff earning visits at the restaurant?

If you'd like to avoid receiving notifications for staff members, keep them from earning visits, and showing up in your "Here Now" tab, there's a simple way to do that called MUTE.

Before diving into directions, one note: mute is a blanket function at the restaurant level, which means 2 things:

1.) If muted, the Staff member will not receive credit for visits anytime, even outside working hours

2.) Other managers using the Wisely for Staff app at your restaurant will also no longer receive notifications for this member. So, mute would not be the appropriate way to stop notifications for just yourself.

With that in mind, to mute a staff member, follow these directions.


1.) Navigate to the Staff Member's profile - you can do this via the Search tab



2.) Tap the bell icon in the top right


3.) Confirm you'd like to mute this member



4.) That's it. Once muted, you'll see the bell icon with a slash through it going forward to denote that this member has been muted.

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