What's in the Health tab?

The Health tab is meant to keep you up to date on how your program is performing.

We measure 4 key criteria and provide a pass/fail rating on each.

The 4 criteria:

  1. Program Growth: see how many new members are joining your program on a weekly basis. To receive a passing grade, we like to see at least 8-10 new members joining every week!
  2. Status %: see what percent of your program members are reaching status. Reaching status is a critical predictor of engagement with your program. We recommend setting up your tiers so at least 30% of your guests are reaching status.
  3. Feedback: each guest has the opportunity to rate their experience after visiting. We'll collect your feedback and let you know if there are any outstanding messages that you need to reply to. To get a passing grade, we like to see at least 90% of guests giving you a 4 star rating or higher!
  4. Staff Engagement: we measure how often a guest entry notification is seen by staff members along with an overall score for your entire staff. Achieve 50% or greater and you'll get a passing grade.
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