How do I set-up a beacon?

If you've been working in-person with a Wisely rep, no need to read any further: your rep will install your beacons for you.

If you're in a different market, there are a few simple steps, which we'll guide you through the entire way.

You can check out our video "Beacon Installation" here that walks through the beacon installation process.

Here they are:

  1. The appropriate number of beacons will be delivered to you via mail
  2. The beacons will arrive to you ready-to-go, you simply need to peel off a piece of film from the back of the beacon to expose the sticky side and then stick it in the desired place
  3. We recommend placing a beacon 5-10 feet above ground and in a place where it is unobstructed. One should be placed near the entrance or entrances to the restaurant and then one towards the middle/back of the restaurant to ensure successful check-in. If there is outdoor space, we advise setting one up near the entryway to that space as well. 

After this is complete, you simply need to test your beacons!

To do so, enter the Manager App, visit the Settings tab, and press "Test Beacons."

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